1.8L Infuser Drinking Jug

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This modern fruit infuser pitcher is fabulous for both hydrating and entertaining, and lets you serve water flavored with lemon, cucumber, orange, mint, basil, and more, for a healthy alternative to sugary, chemical-loaded juices or sodas. Its infusion core is removable, so it can be used as a regular container to chill any liquid, too. Cool!
Crafted with lightweight, BPA free, food-grade acrylic plastic, and includes lid, non slip handle with small thumb grip, and pour spout to easily refill your mug cup, bottles and glasses.
Great for making iced tea, sangria, party mocktails, or even fruit infused vodka cocktails. Simply add cut fruit, herbs or bagged tea to pitcher infusion core, fill with water, refrigerate for a few hours, and enjoy!

-Enjoy flavor-infused beverages made naturally at home with the Fruit Infusion Pitcher
-BPA-free acrylic pitcher has removable hollow rod that can be filled with fruits, citrus wedges, herbs, or savories
-Enjoy refreshing lemon water, raspberry iced tea and more
-Removable rod can easily be filled with cut lemons, limes, raspberries or any fresh fruit
-Open slots in the rod allow liquids and fruit to mix naturally
-Can continually be refilled without replacing the fruit