Door Phone & Interphone System

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Main functions:·

Two-way intercom and unlocking function.

·Two wire connection.

·The outdoor machine using the new ABS plastic, durable.

·A lateral sound eliminating circuit excellent, clear voice intercom.· The effective communication distance of 300 meters.

·Convenient installation, user can install.

·The indoor machine with the lock function, someone rang the doorbell, in the indoor machine, push the button to open the lock.

· The outdoor machine distribution covers a, more human.

Main power parameters:· audio distortion rate greater than 50mW· Call time: unlimited free calls;· The power adapter input voltage: AC220V 50Hz· The power adapter output voltage: AC12V 1200mA· Frequency response: 300 ~ 3400HZ + 3dB· Working voltage: DC12V ± 10%· Power: static < 0.2W < 2W, call state· Installation: free wall.

Package Includes:

· The lock intercom indoor extension: 1 (mounting bracket distribution indoor machine)· Outdoor talkback host: 1