10 Pack Tshirt Closet Organiser

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Your wardrobe always messy and untidy. Forever looking for that one favourite tshirt but cannot find it and yet you are running late for an important meeting?With the 10 pack tshirt closet organiser.you are very sure that you will always find everything in order.
-The T-Shirt organizer divides and stacks your T-shirts one on top of the other separately on the dividers so that when lift the divider you can easily pick and pull out the one you need without disturbing, or messing up the stack of the remaining Tshirts.
-Makes it easy to sort and stack and get what you want.
-T shirt folding guide will make your work easier.
-Conveniet for diving your work documents
-Folding design and easy to carry anywhere
-Your own personal organiser
-Provides organization, visibility and quick, easy access to any tshirt in the stack.
-The stack will look clean, neat and tidy and use only a little space on your desk, table or even a closet shelf.
-Material: Plastic
-Colour: Transparent