26cm Ringlight & Tripod

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Compatible with most smartphones, makeup and YouTube video lights for professional makeup, selfies, YouTube, skincare, Facebook live video, portrait photography, video chat, live streaming, product display, etc.LED streaming media makeup fill light bulb: 72/120, outer diameter: 16 cm , 26 cm, color temperature: two colors 3200K-5600K.

Dimmable 6" \ 10" LED streaming media makeup fill light ring light with a wide dimming range from 1% to 100%.

Special LED streaming media makeup fill light SMD design, lightweight and portable. Constant current drive, low power consumption.

No UV or IR radiation, low heat output, safe and environmentally friendly.NoteThe small self-timer lamp can meet your needs for real-time video, online video education, self-timer and other fill light. When folded, it can be placed on the table for a slight fill

LED lights features:

1: Lightweight and portable, easy to use and carry when traveling or working outdoors.

2: Adjustable lamp Brightness, suitable for living room, study, office.

3: Stabilized stand can use table lamp or floor lamp according to your preference.

Light source: LED streaming media makeup fill lightLED streaming media makeup fill light bulb: 72/120Shape: ringOuter diameter: , 26 cm

Color temperature: two colors 3200K-5600K

Dimmable: Yes

Dimming range: 1%-100%Total illumination: 3600LMCRI (Color Rendering Index): > 83Tripod color: silver / blackTripod material: aluminum + PCTripod maximum height: 100 cmTripod minimum height: 35 cm

Package Includes:

1 ring light1 cell phone stand1 tripod