4 Pcs Heat Resistance Non-Stick Silicone Spatulas

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Compared with stainless steel spatula, silicone spatula will not scrape the surface of your pans or pots. As for wooden one, it will quickly lose their glossy finish and might develop splinters or cracks if they are not improperly stores. Be sure to get one for a loved and get those pots cooking.


  • Heat resistant silicone will not melt, change shape or fray at normal food preparation temperatures;
  • It will not damage non-stick surfaces of pot and pan;
  • Silicone handles are always cool to the touch. You can pick it up and not burn yourself even if you leave one lying on the stove top or someplace hot;
  • It is non-stick. If you rinse them off as soon as you are through with them you'll never have stuff caked on or stuck;
  • Durable with vibrant colors. You will find it brand new even if you use it every day.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Jar Spatula: 28,5 x 3.3cm. 61 g
  • Spatula: 28 x 5.8cm.98g
  • Mini Spatula: 22 x 3cm. 54g
  • Spoonula: 28.5 x 6 cm.97g

Whats in the Box:

1 x  4 Pcs of Spatula