5 in 1 Rectangular Frying Pan-Black

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5 in 1 Rectangular Frying Pan-Black is a multi-sectional design allowing you to cook 5 foods at once. Saving you the extra cooking time & cleanup.


  • Non-Stick- Making it super easy to clean up without worrying about any food getting stuck to the bottom. Which means no more scraping and scratching the pan.
  • Huge Time Saver- Saving you all the time and huge cleanup. this combines as five pans in one so you can cut your prep time and dishwashing time in half.
  • Dishwasher Safe- This means no special attention or cares you have to give it. Simply throw it in the sink give it a little rinse and repeat and you're all set.
  • Convenience, Efficient and Savings

What's in the box

1 X 5 in 1 Rectangular frying pan-Black