A-STAND Portable Laptop Computer Standing Desk and Tablet Holder Stand Case with 20 Adjustability Settings Grey

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 A/STAND makes you the master of your digital domain by ensuring that your viewing your device in the best angle possible. In tablet world land, it also offers the opportunity to go hands free in the most comfortable way possible. For laptop users, A/STAND is designed to dissipate the heat generated by these devices—you'll find it much more comfortable to sit with your laptop for extended periods of times.

  • You'll use A-STAND for everything: 
    • For video chatting
    • For gaming
    • Watching movies/videos
    • For apps—ie. Tinder, Facebook, Instagram
    • Reading books or magazines
    • Writing or drawing
  • Plus, it's perfect for EVERYWHERE...
    • At work
    • In your home office
    • On the couch
    • In the kitchen
    • While relaxing in bed
    • On my commute
  • A traveler's dream--you won't leave home without A/STAND. As a two-tiered desk, it doubles limited space in the sky. And, a pull-out beverage holder keeps your drinks away from your expensive computer equipment.
  • Relax in wherever your travels take you:
    • The beach
    • Poolside
    • Camping
    • Hotels
  • It's even ideal for kids in the back seats on long trips!