Bellissima Cookware - Wave 6 Piece

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Hosting happy guest comes with delicious food preparation and that can only be done by using this  Bellissima 6 set pots ready to be used in the stove or oven then you can serve your guest before thy even get hungry 

The set includes:

  • 20cm casserole w/ lid - DIMENSIONS (L x H x W)28.5x21x15cm
  • 24cm casserole w/ lid - DIMENSIONS (L x H x W)33.5x25x17
  • 28cm shallow casserole w/ lid - DIMENSIONS (L x H x W)37.5x29x13cm
Pot and glass lid are oven safe.

Important user information:
  • 1.Glass lid with stainless steel rim is oven safe. The Wave style cookware set: max temperature is 400'C, but the rim may gain a yellow tinge if high oven temperatures are used frequently, however the glass lid itself can withstand the heat. Lids with silicone rims are not recommended for oven use.
  • 2.Wave Cookware set can be used with other cooking methods at a temperature of between 250’C - 280’C