Chill Bill Refrigerator Deodorizer Odors Remover

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That curry smelt really good last night, but the strong waft of garlic and spices from the leftovers first thing in the morning, when you open your fridge, may not be so appealing.
And that salmon will smell great once it’s cooked, but currently that reek is swimming around inside your kitchen appliance, making your house smell somewhat fishy every time you reach for the milk. Instead, when you open the fridge door, why not be greeted by your friendly Chill Bill Fridge Deodoriser?
Your cute penguin pal will take care of all those unwanted odours, without getting in a flap.
-No Plastic Filter Required: No need to buy hard-to-get, one-use charcoal. Simply add inexpensive baking soda whenever you want
-Completely Safe and Non- Toxic: No gels or beads required, just your normal, everyday, edible cooking ingredient
-Add A Touch of Adorable Elegance: Chill Bill will elevate the ambience of your refrigerator with his quiet good looks
-Durable, High-Impact Container: Bill’s tough. He’ll withstand dropping, banging, spilling or squeezing, and never complain