Egg Cooker for Boiled Eggs

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You will never have to peel hard boiled eggs again with the easy-to-use Eggy cooker designed for stove cooking
Get the right to the best part of hard boiled eggs minus the hassle of removing shells. This revolutionary stovetop kit takes over the work of boiling to perfection as eggs bob independently in their individual Eggie containers. No more burnt fingers trying to peel off the fragments of the shell. Just wait until the plastic forks do not fit, and each hard-boiled egg goes well. You can prepare up to half a dozen eggs at a time to serve everything or dice for salads and other dishes. Each egg comes out with a flat bottom, making it easier to decorate the lids or cut for an attractive attraction.
-You can cook white eggs separately or liquid eggs from refrigerated containers
-Produce hard eggs on the stove without shells
-Just break an egg, watch it, boil it and return the top to serve
-Each egg cooks with a flat bottom and leaves easily
- Easy to make soft or hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, mini omelettes, eggs benedict and more.
- BPA free - safe and non-toxic. Use tongs to remove cups from pot as they will be very hot.
-No hassle of peeling hard boiled eggs