Facial Pore Blackhead Acne Cleaner

Brand: Ecomstock

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Oily skin and stubborn blackheads tiring you? The solution is right here for you. Get yourself the stylish designed Facial Pore Blackhead Acne Cleaner and make sure that you get your skin back into its state. Never worry about the blackheads anymore. You will feel as young and ever again.

- The Product is designed to promote the micro circulation of skin and metabolism of melanin
- Power indicator and 3 interval suction control.
- Built with work head-replaceable design
- Remove the whole blackhead and avoid regrowing
- Multi-functional beauty equipment (Comes with 5 shaped straw tips,5 Mini Sponges and 2 Ring Bands)
- It also has a cup massage feature for relaxation
- It improves the skin and absorbing acne
- Able to reduce skin grease and sucking blackhead
- Decreases wrinkles and increase skin elasticity
- Exfoliate dead skin gently
- Massage the skin and reduce fatigue

- Color: Black, White
- Material: ABS
- Multi-Function feature (Includes 5 Sucking Straw Tips)
- Function: Facial Pore Cleaner

What's in the box
1 x Pore Cleaner
5 x Straw-tips
1 x Manual
1 x Cable
5 x Sponges