Foldable drying clothes Rack

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This fordable and portable drying rack provides 35 meters of hanging space for your clothes. Place the drying rack outside in the sun, or when it's raining you can easily fold it up and install inside your home.

Traditional machine dryers can sometimes shrink, stretch, or generally be harsh on certain fabrics. The foldable drying rack, however, gently and safely dries fabric, helping to maintain the quality and integrity of clothes for longer. Even more, it requires zero of the energy used by a traditional dryer, which means lower overall costs when it comes to monthly energy bills.
-Hang and organize your wet clothing with this clothing dryer
-Allows indoor and outdoor use, designed for multi-use sweater and shoe drying features
-Foldable design for easy storage and space saving, the wings can be adjusted by placing the support arms in different positions for flat drying;
-Collapsible for quick and easy storage when not in use.