Glow in the Dark Pebbles

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These decorative rocks have a nice subtle glow at night after get charged in direct sunlight for the entire day. They are shiny and the glow is attractive in the dark, the lights they give off at night are fairy and noticeable. You can line the glow rocks on your garden, back yard, patio, walkway, fountain, around your pools to creat a shining oasis. They will be a little but great addition to decorate your garden and Christmas. If you put a lot of this pebbles outside on Christmas, it will make you get a lot of compliments from your neighbors, even make your kids are curious about and make designs with them, which can stimulate your child's creativity.
-Size: Decorative glow stones measure 0.8"-1.2"/ 2-3 cm.
-Package contains: 200 pcs colorful glow pebble.
-Eco-friendly material: Made of high quality resin, non-toxic & tasteless, non-radioactive
-Decorative: Can be used for decorating roads, lawns and gardens; can be used for decorating potted plants and gardening; can also be used for decorating fish tank, swimming pool; for some special occasions, parties, etc.
-The glow stones absorb sunlight during the day, light up at night, and they will glow for up to 2 to 3 hours or more in the dark environment after normal daylight exposure.
-Pebble Size: 0.8"-1.2"/ 2-3cm(approx)
-Glowing stone material: Resin
-Color: Green
-Package contains: 200 Luminous Pebbles