Hair Removal & Massage Set

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The distinguished group contains a head to remove hair from the roots and a head to smoothen the old used to remove facial hair, armpits, legs, hands and sensitive areas, and also do a face and body massage that is covered by the month to stimulate the skin after shaving, it is the best technology in the world for hair removal and body care. 

The box contains:Hair removal head,Smoothing head,Cleaning Brush,A brush.The head of the massage,Electric charger 

Product Features:Removes hair four times shorter than wax (0.5mm).4 weeks hair free complexion.Easily remove hair with a superior grip.Faster results with a wider hair removal head.Facial and intimate area head to remove unwanted hair.Shave the head and trim a comb for a close shave.Shiny-looking body massager and body exfoliation brush to remove dead skin cells