10000mAh Mini Power Bank

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Mini Fast Power Bank 10000mAh with Dual USB Ports and LCD Display

Inputs: Type-C, MicroUSBA mini, pocket-sized, yet ultra-powerful power bank that you must-have for all your digital gadgets!

Travel and use your gadgets at all times - the mini power bank is equipped with 10000mAh of battery capacity and two USB outputs. The top features of this portable charger are its size and power.

Thin and small to fit into even the smallest pocket.A mirror-like surface gives an elegant look, while the LED numbers let you know how much power is left in the power bank. Dual USB design allows you to share the power with your friend or recharge your two gadgets, using your cables.

Features:- Boost up your gadgets on-the-go with this mini power bank- Mini power bank with a mirror-like surface and LED display

Two USB ports, both with 2A of output, for fast charging two devices at once- The external battery also has two inputs, USB-C and micro USB- 10000mAh battery capacity lets you recharge your devices multiple times- Mini power bank also has two flashlights - ideal for emergencies at night

Specifications:- Battery: 10000mAh Li-Polymer- MicroUSB/Type-C input: DC 5V, 2A- USB1 output: DC 5V, 2A- USB2 output: DC 5V, 2A- Material: Aluminum alloy