Professional Microphone & Condenser

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Shock Proof Mount

You get a shockproof mount to put this microphone. This shockproof serves to prevent vibrations and shocks that occur during recording so that the sound quality is maintained and clear.

Hi-Quality Microphone

Special design for chatting over QQ, MSN,SKYPE and singing on internet.

Noise cancellation , 3.5mm stereo plug fit for all kinds at PC.High quality condenser microphone , perfect voice recorder.

Conveniently set with stand and clip.

This microphone can deliver sound with better sound quality than the default mic on smartphones and laptops.

3.5mm Connection:Using a 3.5mm plug so that all devices such as smartphones, computers, and laptops can be used.

Cord Length The cable from the microphone is long enough so that you don’t have to worry about adjusting the position when singing with the speaker spacing that makes your ears hurt when you get too close.

• Product Code: MP01• Sensitivity: 30db + 3db• Voltage: 1.5V• Cable Length: 2m

Package Includes

1 *professional microphone