Electric Heating Comb

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-Ceramic Heat: The heated comb transmits uniform ceramic heat without damage to the hair and hair helps to -make the hair beautiful, bubble-free and shiny. 

-Temperature Setting: The heated comb can be adjustable to different hair types according to -temperature. 

-Easy to Use: This compact and simple straight brush comes with a 360-degree rotating power cord -which helps you operate with all your convenience. 

-Clean the Scalp: The soft head teeth protect the scalp while preventing tearing or pulling -of the hair. 

-ON OFF Switch: The electric comb is easy to operate so that children can- unlock.


Handle Material: ABS 

Use: Home 

Type: Electric 

Material: ABS(handle)+Copper(teeth) 

Color: Gold 



Comb material: Copper 

Temperature range: 123degree Celsius to 210degree Celsius 

Auto Shut-off Time:30 mins