Panda UV/LED Nail Lamp

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-Nail lamp designed automatic sensor 

-Nail dryer has an intelligent sensor and it automatically turns on when you put your hand / foot inside and turn off after removing it. Its timer 60/90/120 allows you to control the curing time with each layer. If you do not use the timer, just put your hand / foot inside it directly, it would work. Or you can stop curing at any time by taking your hand / foot. 

-LED nail lamp fits the whole hand or on foot, it is big enough for one hand or one foot so you can do manicure or pedicure at the same time. 

-UV gel nail lamp can dry almost all nail gels: it is used to cure various nail gels such as UV nail builder and base gel 

-The process of drying gel is painless, giving you a comfortable experience.The light of UV light nail dryer will not harm your eyes and tan your hands. 


Type: LED / UV lamp

Power: 24 w

Quantity of bulbs: 8 

Life use: 50,000 hours

Material: PC & ABS

3 Clock settings: 60 s / 90 s / 120 s.

Size: 22.5 * 20 * 10 cm

Adapter: Rated input 100-240 V 5 V 2A