Parking Aid System Sensor

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Premium Parking Sensor aid system with auto reversing detector and digital display and step alarm


  • 4 Probe - sensitive probe,
  • digital display, easy to install,
  • prevent rubbing, prevent collision.
  • Image sound dual prompt
  • no false positives, waterproof ,
  • Anti high temperature and low temperature
  • The probe is flush-mounted, multi-color configuration, sensor compact, easy to install
  • make reversing more safer.


LED display show parking distance, with inner sound indicate distance as well.
You get 4 sensors and a display along with enough cable . Very easy to install and it comes with everything needed.
You can also expand this system to the front of your car. Pick the 8 sensors option and then you will have your entire car protected by sensors.
Technical parameters:
-Rated Current: 20-200mA
-Power Input: 9-16V DC
-Working temperature: -30-+70
-Display working temperature: -20-+60
-Bi Bi Bi Alarm voice: >80dB
-Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
-Sensor detection range: 0cm-2.5m
-Display range: 30cm-2.5m

Package included:
-1 x Main Control Box
-1 x LED Display
-1 x Power Cable
-1 x Hole Saw
-1 x Double Sided Adhesive Pad
-1 x User manual 
-4 x Parking Sensors with 2.5m Line