Pet Bathing shower tool

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Love making sure that your dog smells fresh all the time. Making sure that they don’t miss out an opportunity of a good bath?With the bew bathing shower tool you are sure that your dog will maintain a fresh look all the time.
-Made from silicone ensuring that neither you or your pet get hurt.
-Combines both water sprayer and bath scrubber in one.
-Simply make a fist to turn the sprayer on and off.
-Activate the sprayer after massaging the shampoo into your pet's fur.
-The bathing tool injects water straight into your pet's fur, which ensures a faster and cleaner rinse.
-Gives you a chance to control your pet without having to let go of them to fetch a sprayer.
-The Pet Bathing Tool is a one size fits all
-Material:Elastomer silicone + ABS + Nylon fabric+ Environmental PVC
-Color: Blue
-Tube length: 98.5 inch
-Suitable for: Dog, Cat, Horse and other pets