Portable Gas Stove

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Portable Gas Stove Hob: If you have a preference for all things ‘Al Fresco’ then the Portable Gas stove Hob is just for you.

This great appliance brings a whole new meaning to the expression cooking with gas. It’s clever design integrates style and practicality for those unseal cooking adventures. Be it for a braai or a much-deserved hot meal at the end a long day’s hike on your camping trip. The Portable Gas Stove Hob is another great product and need a new home. Easy operate and assembleIdeal as a gift.

Push Button Piezo Ignition

Lightweight and durable

Removable pan hold pan holder

Easy to clean

Gas Canisters not included

Gas Canisters available at supermarkets and hardware stores.

Instruction Manual and plastic carry case included.

Dimensions:343 mm (L) X 111 mm (W) 284mm (H)

Whats in the box?

1 portable gas stove