Portable Mini EMS Massager

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It is safe on skin and non-irritating

Portable Mini Massager effectively relieves the stress and muscle soreness throughout the body It can be applied on the neck Shoulders, upper back Lower back arms waist Feet, thighs legs and calves for an instant deep tissue massage It is designed with a rechargeable battery It is small and compact that can easily be carried on pocket and bags

1.ems technology, inputting certain low-frequency pulse current into the human body to stimulate muscle to relieve strains or pain, reduce fatigue.
2. 6 massage modes, 15 massage intensity, meeting different needs.
3. Suitable for any body parts that you want to massage.
4. USB charging, durable.
5. Mini size and light weight, convenient to carry on.
Suggest one time per day.
Clean and dry the skin before use.
Ensure body healthy before use.
Not recommend to use when sleeping, bathing, driving.