Retractable hands Free Dog Leash For Dogs less than 110 lbs

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Adjustable Waist Wearing For Added Mobility
This hands free dog leash dual handle allows you to keep on checking your work emails on your smart phone or finish reading the newspaper while safely walking him though the neighborhood. 

Better Control with Dual Built-in Handles
Maintain control with a set of 2 sturdy handles that are conveniently placed and fully accessible. Guide your dog back on track with the one handle that’s positioned by your hip. Get even more control with the handle placed on the collar. 

Sturdy Design That Extends & Absorbs
Don’t limit your dog’s curiosity and let him venture to his favorite fire hydrant all the while keeping him safe with this pet dog waist leash belt. The dual bungees build extends up to 90" to best suit small or medium dogs and it seamlessly absorbs pulling up to 110lb. Keep the morning walk fun with an elastic belt leash that’ll help you prevent injuries and back discomfort. 

Reflective Stitching for Safe Night Strolls
When your four-pawed companion needs to get some air he won’t listen to any excuse and it simply doesn’t matter that it’s already late at night. This hands free dog leash running gives you extra peace of mind thanks to its luminous reflective stitching that runs the length of the leash on both sides for added visibility even during your night walks. 

Waste Bags Dispenser with Clip
Measures approximately 12 x 5 inches (L x W). Leak-proof bags for safe, sanitary handling; Arrows point to the bag opening for quick access. 15 bags per roll; Rolls fit standard-size leash dispensers and quickly pull out. Whether you've rescued a dog from the shelter or are simply meeting your friend's new furry family member for the first time, dog-waste bags, dispenser, and leash clip are a must-have for anyone who loves walking their dog. 

Package Included: 
1 x Dog Leash Hands Free