Mens Trimmer & Shaver

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Shaver and trimmer for men-this is the one you were looking for. A perfect companion for gentle men, hunks who can groom themselves on the go. Perfectly designed quality product to slim trim your beard, moustache, etc. Powerful blades with rechargeable option for on the go performance. Nova clipper is excellent in clipping function and having perfect cutting function. You can easily remove the blade to clean it and it's streamlined modelling helps you in handling it with safety and convenience. (Colors will be send as per stock available).

Features:Stainless steel outer foil for long lasting shaving performance.Sharp angled inner blade to cut even thicker beards effortlessly.Independently floating double heads and unique cutting.Technology for satisfying shaving performance.Skin-friendly rounded tips for smooth trimming


220-240v voltage,50/60Hz,3W.

Only blade washable

Charging LED light reminder.

Stainless steel blade.

8 hours charging time.

Working time 60 minutes.

Suitable for all types of skin