Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow

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Adjustable intensity button providing 3 different speeds, from low, medium and high depending on your preference.
Features 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes to sooth tired, relieve muscle tightness.

Built in advanced heat function transfers warmth to muscles, ligaments to improve the blood circulation.
Automatic shut down in 20 minutes.
3D rotation kneading massage rollers in ergonomic U-design, perfect for office, vehicle and home, UL approved power adapter and a car adapter are included.
Removable dust proof bag, easy to clean.

Product Features:
- Ergonomic design: U-shape design with unique nodes makes the product perfectly fit for different body parts.
- Shiatsu massage with heat: 3D kneading massage with heating function helps to relax muscles and soothe fatigue.
- Flexible straps: The straps allow you to better apply pressure and adjust the massager to target hard-to-reach areas.
- Security assurance: Programmed with 20-minute auto-off function and overheat protection system.

- PU Leather: Premium PU leather embellishes the massager and keeps it clean, while efficiently standing against wear and tear.
- 3D Mesh Fabric: Breathable mesh fabric promotes heat penetration and allows flexible mobility of massage nodes.
- Mesh Protect Cloth: Dust-free cloth prevents the massager from dust and offers a more cushioned massage experience.

Multipurpose Use:
- Relieves Tension from Upper Back
- Repetitive motion or immobility may cause neck and shoulder pain.
- An upper back massage may help relieve the tension in that area and reduce the pain from migraines.

Relieve Lower Back Pain
- Your back muscles can become very tense due to overuse or repetitive use during a rigorous workout or a sitting at a desk all day long.
- When massage is applied, some of the tension is released.

Full-body Relaxation
- Leg massage can help relax leg muscles and it will also contribute to full-body relaxation and diminishment of stress and anxiety.
- And the reason for this is a huge set of reflex points, which are responsible for the state of the body as a whole.

At Home
- After sitting down, enjoy a massage on neck and shoulders while watching TV for relaxation from hard work.

In the Car
- Equipped with a car adapter, the shoulder massager will help relieve stiffness and soreness from the long trip.

In the Office
- Sedentary lifestyle in the office surely has a negative impact on your health.
- Enjoy great stress relief by this shoulder massager for 15 minutes to enhance your well-being.