LED Number & Calendar Clock

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Main Functions:

1.Display Time Function

2.Display Months / Days / Years

3.Display Day of the week

4.usb charging Function

5.Display TemperatureIt is easy to operate by remote control. It can stand on the desk.

Appearance shape: rectangleApplicable places: study, public place, office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, School.

Model 3320 Calendar table clockUsage Calendar Digital desktop clockNumeric Characters ,Red Calendar , digital timer , ultra brightness light tubes display.

LED Color Optional Red Digital desk clockFrame Materials: Black alloy frame Installation: table-installation Certification CE&RoHS,

Working Environment: -10ºC~ 50ºC, relative humidity: 0~95% RH InstructionsA : Start/Move B : UP/Time 12/24 C :Down/Time D : Exit

Set the time: 1 - press the start key , flashing years or months ,press the UP/DOWN key .dressing to the current year or month. 2 - After setting ,press the MOVE key , followed by the UP/DOWN key as above , modified , date and time 3 - All parameters after setting , press EXIT The whole point set:under normal conditions ,according to UP health can be opened and closed the whole point timekeeping function,when the whole point of the indicating lamp is bright ,represent the whole point of alarm open ,7-22 will have time each time .

Alarm setting:press the DOWN key, can set the setting,press the UP key ,can be set to cancel setting time and setting time.After the press EXIT.

What's in the box?1 * a 3320 Calendar table led digital desktop clock1 * User Manual1 * Power Adapter