Toddler Antil Lost Wrist Link - Blue

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- Elastic wire rope design
- Good quality 
- DurabLe
- Easy to stretch
- Comfortable on hand.                                           
- Hard to be cut off.
- Soft and adjustable 
- Won't hurt the child's Wrist
- Keep children close to you and safe during travel in public with crowded people
- Great for shopping and outdoor activities,Like beach,park and shopping mall etc.                                                                                                           - 360 Degree Rotation
- The size of wrist strap can be adjusted according to your need. 
- 360 degree rotating, activities freely, not restricted, it gives kids independence but keeps them safe at the same time.                               
- Color:  Blue 
- Material:  PU+Net cloth+Steel wire,                            
- Steel Rotating Connector
- Age:  1-8 years old
- Stretch length: 1.5m