Training motion mask

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Not every trainer and athlete has so much time and enormous economic strength to train at elevation, but the short term (usually 1-2 months) training usually lasts only 3-4 months,so we can simulate the hypoxic environment tools in altitude areas, which is also what we want.New training model for strength training and self improvement tools. Better way to help anyone achieve better performance.

Features:Self-abuse mask training you will get and feel.

Perfect for physical fitness, pain, muscles, torture, endurance, gym, cardio, running and asphyxia.

Train at high elevation in high altitude areas to simulate hypoxic environment you want.

Simple Usage:The air intake holes on both sides can be used equally to simulate the altitude of 3000, 6000 & 9000 feet respectively.Enhancement Usage: The air intake holes on both sides are openess on one side and closed on the other.It can simulate 12000 , 15000 & 18000 feet of elevation.