Triple Fit Face Light Smartcase for iPhone 6/7/8 - Pink

Brand: Click Market

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- The face light smartcase lights up your selfies with the simple push of a button.
- The LED lighting on both the left and right sides of the case give you a soft and beautiful light for every occasion.
- The light fills in the shadows, enhancing your selfies and making them bright and 'picture perfect'. facelight smartcase also provides perfect lighting for video chatting, even in the dark!
- Dimmer Button to control the intensity of the lighting output.
- Rechargeable case battery and included micro USB charging cord. Long lasting battery that works independently for weeks with normal use and doesn't drain your phone battery.
- Tough, impact resistant plastic. Your phone is snug and safe with the face light smartcase.
- Light at the tip of your fingers. Perfect lighting is just a click away with an easy on/off switch.
- Use for selfies, face timing, Skype, make-up light, social media like Snapchat & Instagram-show your best self. Also a great utility light for anytime instant access.
- The smartphone case that light your face is compatable with Iphone 6 + Iphone 7+ and Iphone8+

What's in the box
1 x pink smartpphone cover
1 x micro usb cord
1 x instructions manual